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Landing on which university is deserving of your attendance is a hard task, one that’s made more difficult by the hectic time constraints on making a decision if you’re wrapping up school.

Unlike many other instances in life when making a decision kinda / sorta won’t screw you over that much, uni is something you want to get right the first time. Why? Oh, y’know, ‘cos failing to do so will literally cost you thousands of dollars.

Rest assured, good uni-considering people of the internet. We’ve put our thinking cap on and mapped out a few of the things y’all should keep front of mind when it comes to deciding on which tertiary institution is best for you.



There are universities, and then there are universities. Many operate on a rather old school, rigid template (we’re talking about things like mandatory electives and third-year class preferences) that limit your options of how you receive your course. Some places, however, are taking a step away from this – exploring new ways of course delivery that are more flexible. There are pros and cons to both, so make sure you keep it in the consideration set.


Look, in no way is this backed by science, but based on past experience we’re willing to confirm that the further away you are from your uni, the less likely it is that you’ll physically attend. This isn’t too much of an issue for those who plan to tick a lot of things off online, but if you know you’ll just end up Netflix ‘n chilling rather than doing work, then you might want to choose a place close by.


For 99% of us, uni is a means to an end. The end? A job, of course. Have a look at what your potential uni provides in terms of getting your damn-fine self in a paying gig when your study wraps up. Further, this shouldn’t just be happening at the end of your study – ideally, you’ll be developing a portfolio of work and a heap of experience throughout your course. Extra points if they give you the chance to teach (ergo, make money off what you’ve already learnt / put to work your skills) while you’re cracking along. Then, once everything’s starting to wrap up, they should support your transition into the workforce with a killer program. If your uni ain’t offering you options to gain fruitful employment by the time you complete your time there, then you might wanna look elsewhere.


There’s nothing worse than meeting someone you quickly realise isn’t your cup of tea and then having to spend a heap of time with them. It’s the same deal with a uni – each has its own personality, and if its vibe is adverse to your own, then you’re gonna have a bad time. Ask current students what their experience has been. Have they been meeting heaps of new people? Do they normally just get in and out as quickly as humanly possible? Often universities place a lot of importance on culture, while others focus on academics. Additionally, you need to assess its location and what that’ll offer you. Studying at a campus in the ~cool~ area of town will surely be a massive plus. Suss what’s gonna be right for you.


While they’re the bane of a lot of people’s existence, you might find yourself wanting to get immersed in some interesting extracurriculars. Not only do they make you more employable, but these communities can help you forge life-long mates + broaden your ~mental horizons~. Then again, you might be someone who’s keen to just study ‘n bail. Most universities place a lot of importance on these groups, but certain establishments are better known for particular offerings. Give it a lil’ thought.

Sure, there’s a lot of things to take into consideration when picking which university’s going to be right for you. Your best bet? Get educated (‘cos regardless of where you end up, you’ll be copping some semblance of an education anyway).

Thankfully there’s no need to crack open a book to get up to speed on this front. These crazy things called ‘open days’ exist where university’s roll out the red carpet and show you what they’re all about.

Victoria University‘s having one on August 20, so have a think about heading along to suss why it could be the right spot for you. With offerings like their unique leadership development program, VU Academy, as well as their reinvention of how you’ll get cracking in your first year, they very well may be. Plan your Open Day at Victoria University by heading HERE.

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