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The only thing more terrifying than your first day at a new job is your first day at your first job period. And while some might have to stretch their memory further than others, we can all undoubtedly recall just how nerve-racking it was – and folks, you don’t just forget that kind of emotional rollercoaster. It’ll be engrained in your DNA and passed on to generations for years to come.

So, when the topic of conversation shifts over to this dark place, all of us can’t help plunging into the experiences of others to hopefully reduce the cringe factor of our own tragic experiences. It’s kind of like having a chuckle at someone falling over in public, even though the thought of others laughing at your stumble is enough to make you be physically ill.

In the hopes of reconciling your feels to that *pulls collar* first day at work, we made a lil’ video that shared the highs and lows of what went down for others. The brave souls who raised their hand to be included touch on where these mildly traumatic experiences took place (which is cringeworthy in and of itself), if they managed to tuck any cash away while there, and if they had any clue what this whole ‘superannuation‘ thang is about. Give it a watch below:

That point about super probably hits way too close to home for most. Like, we all know how aggressively important it is, but a lot of us have no idea why. And our knowledge of making it werk harder than a Rihanna banger probably isn’t where it needs to be. So on that note, if you’re keen to get ahead of the game check out CommBank’s Essential Super HERE. Or if you just need some money tips for your first job after uni then take a look at this article HERE.

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