If you feel like living in Sydney is only getting harder on your wallet, you’d be right, and it’s not just your insatiable lust for beer causing the strain. According to a new report, our biggest city is now more expensive to live in than London and New York.

The study, conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, placed Sydney at 10th place this year, up four places on last year’s rankings.

The results are based on the prices of 160 different products across the world. Analysing 130 cities, the Worldwide Cost of Living 2018 Report compares the price of food, transport, rent, utility bills, recreational costs, and more.

Singapore came in at the most expensive city to live in, followed by Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong, and Oslo. Japanese city, Tokyo, which topped the list up until 2013, is now sitting outside of the top 10 due to low inflation, but still remains one of the most expensive cities to buy staple goods in, along with Seoul and Hong Kong.

Interestingly, New York has slipped from ninth place to 13th, with no US cities hitting the top 10 list at all. London has fallen to 30th place after the Brexit referendum drove prices down, making the city the cheapest it’s been in over 20 bloody year.

So there you go, living in Sydney isn’t getting any cheaper. Do with that what you will.

Source: The Guardian
Image: Getty Images / Scott Barbour