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There are some people who achieve nek-level success at an outrageously young age. We’re talking about the Zuckerbergs and Biebers of the world, folks. The inspirational humans that have defied the odds and ticked off everything there literally is to tick off the list. And yes, our jealousy fuels the same blind rage towards them that consumes you too.

Others, however, take a lil’ longer to find their sea legs. Martha Stewart wasn’t a household name until she was in her 40s. Alan Rickman spent his formative years working as a graphic designer before trying to crack into the movie scene. Hell, even the dude who invented the main food group for broke students around the world (instant noodles, in case that penny hadn’t dropped), Momofuku Ando, didn’t have his genius moment until he was on the cusp of 50.

Look, given that we’ve got a pretty solid grasp of our demo, we’re confident y’all aren’t anywhere near as old as those described above. But maybe you’re fed up with your current gig, keen to try something new, and are being held back by the crippling fear of what ‘starting from scratch‘ will result in. And hey, that’s perfectly reasonable. Some industries will be a real pain in the ass to establish yourself in, but there are a few that’ll welcome you with open arms regardless if you’re late to their respective game or not.


Industries That’ll Welcome You W/ Open Arms Even If You’re Late To The Game

Given the sheer range of jobs that fall under the umbrella of the travel industry, you’ve got ample wiggle room to jump ship into this field. And why wouldn’t you want to jump ship?! There are so many gigs that literally require you to travel as a core job function. We’re talking cruise ship staff, flight attendants, location scouts and the like. Flight Centre, for instance, are always on the hunt for new people to enlist in one of their perk-heavy roles. While taking point on creating A+ travel experiences for your customers, you too will get some damn-fine travel discounts to places all over the globe – and they even offer one of the best career development and training qualifications going ’round to new recruits (it’s nationally recognised too, which is a huge bonus). If that sounds decent to you, then apply for one of their Sydney roles HERE.



Industries That’ll Welcome You W/ Open Arms Even If You’re Late To The Game

From huge corporate organisations to local government, everyone’s gagging for data. Why? Because we’re all constantly dropping it. Every time we buy something online, visit a certain place or fill in a form, we’re leaving behind a trail of information that describes what we’re all about. This info can be gathered and picked through to make our lives easier or, like, sell us crap we probably don’t need. Due to the rise of just how much data we’re creating daily, the data science industry is always welcoming to those keen on joining its ranks. Sure, it’s a logic-based field (which we know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea), but there’s a high level of creativity needed to literally read between the lines.



Industries That’ll Welcome You W/ Open Arms Even If You’re Late To The Game

Y’know all the websites, apps and the like that you use every day? They’ve all been put through a rigorous screening process to ensure they’re not duds – most of which happens prior to their build by a user experience (UX) designer to prevent the need to fix things down the road. Besides UX designers, visual designers fall into this category too – they combine elements of traditional graphic design (layout, colour, typology etc) and use them to steer a user in a particular direction (e.g. to purchase a product). You’ll have a leg up if you have previous creative experience, but it’s certainly not a mandatory. Plus, there’s a truckload of industry-recognised course providers that’ll get you gig ready in just a few weeks (‘cos ain’t nobody got time to head back to uni for three more years).


Industries That’ll Welcome You W/ Open Arms Even If You’re Late To The Game

Look, product management isn’t an industry per se given that pretty much all industries can produce a product, but we thought it was worth chucking in regardless. “Product management is the practice and profession of determining what to build, when to build it, and for whom you’re building a solution,” says Cliff Gilley, a Product Management Instructor at General Assembly Seattle. “It is the lynchpin of a successful product-based company, and a hub around which all activities of the company revolve.” So, why don’t product managers turn their nose up at folks who haven’t been trained in the discipline since day dot? Well, we’re all consumers of products – regardless of whether they’re tangible or not. New people bring about new product experiences, which are invaluable for those in this area.

See? There’s a heap of industries that’ll be game to take your talented self into its ranks. So if you’re having doubts about whether or not your current gig is right for you, then you can at least sleep a lil’ easier knowing that you’re gonna be sound if you decide to jump ships. And if you’re already at the ship-jumping stage, then take the goddamn leap already. You’ve got this.

Oh, and if you’re keen to crack into the travel industry as mentioned earlier, then check out some of the great gigs on offer from Flight Centre HERE.

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