Money talk is so often, in fact, let’s just say basically always, based on how NOT to spend your money. I mean, it should be, but sometimes it’s refreshing to focus on the good things to spend money on. After all, we work hard for the money right? Plus there’s that whole ‘I’m an adult now and I should pay for adult things’ argument. From being responsible to treats to self-improvement, here are the things you SHOULD be spending your money on.


Maybe it’s for your health, maybe it’s for your travels, maybe it’s for your home. Chances are there’s been a situation in which you thought ‘I should really have insurance for this’ yet you skip it, probably to save money. Please stop. Insurance, or if you’ve looked into costs and planning properly a savings amount particularly for emergencies, can save you so much trouble if things go wrong.


Education is never a waste. The things you learn stay with you and may help future you in ways you never imagined. There are plenty of free online courses that can help you improve your knowledge, but if a course is going to improve an aspect of your life, budget it in.


On that note, start budgeting in your loans, whatever they may have been for.  It’s hard to relax with the knowledge of an impending loan repayment date hanging over your head. By planning ahead and making loan repayments a part of your budget, you can keep your money under control.


Of course you’re going to buy yourself treats, you deserve it! But switch your focus from consumerist to mindless purchaser. You could buy a whole bunch of cheap shirts that fall apart after a few wears, or you could combine that money to purchase a higher quality piece of clothing you’ll have with you for years. The same principle applies to electronics, homewares and a whole lot more.


Look you may not be here yet, but you should at least have discussed and researched investment opportunities that are open to you and how that might affect your wealth. If money isn’t your forte, it can be worth spending money on a consultation with a financial advisor.


One could argue that nothing is more important than taking care of yourself. If your health is poor it can impact your enjoyment of everything else. Whether you’re spending money on checkups, massages, a healthy diet, exercise, your mental health or anything else that your body may need. I’m not saying be frivolous. A $30 gym membership works just as well as a $60 one, in fact, so does follow free exercise videos online. But don’t just skip it to save money.

Image: Instagram / @50cent