Four days off work, chocolate and hot cross buns, real food to eat in between, using that travel hack to turn three days of leave into a 10-day holiday: these things take money, friends. How much money? Canstar has surveyed 2,090 Aussies on their spending habits over Easter to find out just that.

The answer, in my very official and in-depth analysis of the results, is that it could be more and could be less.

In real terms, that means we spend an average of $182, excluding travel, over the four day weekend. Which, as I said, really doesn’t seem like a lot considering all the food that’s going to be consumed. At least all the food that will be in my life over Easter. That breaks down into an average of $99 on food, $42 on Easter eggs and $41 on alcohol.

I personally love that we’re spending as much on chocolate as we are on grog. Sure that includes families but even when you break it down further we’re all being pretty chill. Couples without kids are spending $32 on Easter eggs and $36 on alcohol. Singles are $29 on eggs and $32 on booze. As a single, I literally just spent exactly $30 on Easter eggs, so I feel seen.

Of course, if you’re travelling – you lucky duck – that’s an extra amount of $174 on average, per person.

The other thing to keep in mind that these are based on what people are currently planning to spend/ have already spent. If they don’t stick to their budgets this average goes all the way out the window. And, like, come on, you’re all trying to pretend you’ll only buy the equivalent of one fairly decent bottle of wine. Sure you will.

*extreme judgy Bran face*