PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Cashrewards to introduce Cashrewards Max.

You may or may not be aware of this but Christmas is just around the corner.

I don’t understand how you can’t be aware, though, given you almost get whacked in the face by the hectic Christmas decorations set up at any given shopping centre. I love it.

For those who are getting a headstart on pressie purchasing (you’re not better than me), there are a few little tricks you can use to take full advantage of all the discounts that fly about this time of the year.

Use Cashrewards

You know what’s better than buying gifts for other people? Getting money back for it.

If you mosey on over to Cashrewards, you’ll spy a tonne of huge shopping outlets that offer significant cashback deals, including (but not limited to, never limited to) Amazon, The Iconic, eBay, Apple, Chemist Warehouse and Liquorland.

Given we tend to go ham on the grog during the silly season, that last mention will undoubtedly be great news for many of your wallets.

If you’re just signing up to Cashrewards now, you’ll also cop a bonus $20 which is better (and easier) than finding money on the ground.

It doesn’t stop there, though – the team behind Cashrewards has just launched Cashrewards Max. This is a premium service offered to ANZ bank customers (sorry everyone else) that gives you exclusive offers and faster cashback when you link your eligible credit or debit card to Cashrewards Max.

For those who sign up for Cashrewards Max, a few of the current deals up for grabs over the weekend are 25% cashback from Cotton On, 15% cashback from Shavershop, 20% cashback from Bonds, 20% cashback from Sephora, 22% cashback from ASOS and a whopping 27% cashback from our faves, Liquorland.

I’m all about speedy money so perhaps I’ll convert to ANZ.

Be vigilant

As the old, clichéd saying goes: the early bird gets the worm.

That couldn’t be more true when it comes to discounts. You need to have your wits about you so you can strike while the iron’s hot. We’re all about outdated analogies in this household.

Keep your eyes, ears and nose prepped to sniff out the best deals as fast as you can, so you don’t risk missing out. Do you want your future kids to know you once missed out on half-price Tamagotchis or whatever it is kids these days play with? Absolutely not, that’s a level of shame you’ll find hard to shake.

Buy off-season items

Why would you buy a sweater in summer? Well, for one, it seems like this year, Zeus or whoever’s in charge of the weather has decided against giving us a nice, warm summer. Instead, the weather gods are gifting us with hail, asthma-inducing thunderstorms and probably floods this festive season.

Thanks. Thanks a lot, we really appreciate this awful weather.

The other reason you might want to consider stocking up on winter supplies in summer is that, usually, they’re much cheaper in the off-season. So, while your housemate might look at you incredulously when you show them another raincoat while you’re clearly rocking zinc on your nose, you’ll get the last laugh.


Set up notifications

If you’re not built to be the vigilant type, why not get a robot to do the legwork for you?

Well, not a robot per se, but technology without a doubt. Do you know how many notifications you can set so you know exactly when stores are running huge discounts on products? At least 500 – I counted.

So whip out your phone, download all the apps and set up all the notifications. Sure, it might become increasingly annoying to get pinged every five minutes, but do you really want to miss out on spending less money on something you’ve been wanting for minutes, hours, weeks or months?

Definitely not.

Join Cashrewards for free, then securely link your eligible ANZ debit or credit card to unlock Cashrewards Max rewards. Cashrewards Max is offered by Cashrewards and not ANZ.

Image: Confessions Of A Shopaholic