Here Are The Loosest Stories About People Having To Hit Up Their Parentals For Cash
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Remember that time you spontaneously bought a block of land and had to get your parents to bail you out? Neither, but one Aussie punter sure does.

We recently requested people’s most chaotic stories where they were forced to tuck their tail between their legs and borrow some moula from their parents, and the results were…alarming? Entertaining? Both?

Come with me down the gold brick road as we read some stories about those who have the audacity to dive into the parental piggy bank.

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Now, read ’em and weep.

Here Are The Loosest Stories About People Having To Hit Up Their Parentals For Cash

“Skyped my dad drunk from an iPhone 4 in Canada asking him to pay my rent so I could buy a $200 Drake Halloween costume.” – M

Purchased tickets to the USA while drunk, got a cab to my apartment, packed my bags and went straight to the airport. Arrived the next day in LA hungover with no money. Had to cash in at the bank of mum and dad to get home.” – S

I impulse bought twenty pilates classes on New Year’s and had to call my mum to bail me out and pay for it.” – B

Bought a car, crashed the car, Mum paid to buy new car, crashed new car, mum paid to fix the car (again).” – C

Broke my arm racing on a supermarket trolley overseas. Didn’t have travel insurance. Thanks, Mum and Dad!” – K

We were all coming home from a night out, we stopped at Macca’s and ordered heaps – Mum had to come down and pay for it.” – T

I ruined my life when I used the wrong credit card (Dad’s) at a trip to Sexyland with my girlfriend.” – M

At eighteen I joined a pyramid scheme to fund an overseas working holiday, landed in debt, and my struggling parents covered the debt and trip.” – C

“I spontaneously bought land from individuals needing to sell within two weeks. After committing, I couldn’t obtain financing during COVID, so Mum and Dad rescued me!” – T

“My phone was dead and I had no money in the bank or cash on me at 2:30am, so I had to walk around to get coins to call mum to transfer me money to pay a cab driver to get home.” – M

Here Are The Loosest Stories About People Having To Hit Up Their Parentals For Cash

And just to give everyone some perspective, here’s what it looks like from the other side:

I never did but my son just used my bank to help get his new car, now I’m broke.” – K

Honestly people, if you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home. A wise lass by the name of Fargo or something similar told me that once, through song.

Moral of the story here, my fellow moochers, is that there will come a time where your parents won’t be able to bail you out if you get drunk and decide to invest in your mate’s pyramid scheme.

When that time comes, though, you do have those tools like MyPayNow sitting right in your pocket (AKA phone), so it might be a solid option to look into.

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