The owner of Caffe Republic in Southport on the Gold Coast was unwillingly involved in a money scam to the ultimate amount of $5000 smackeroos by two total jerks of customers on the eve of Christmas, no less. Yup, these douchebags had their brekkie and robbed the small business bank too.

After finishing his $25 breakfast, jerk customer number one heads to the counter to pay, spending a long time with fiddling with the machine and eventually pays with a stolen card.

Business owner Peter Dufty told Nine News it seemed suspicious “but also the number one priority for us is to keep things running smoothly and keep our customers happy.

If you’ve ever worked in a cafe at peak hour, you’ll empathise with that sentiment. Long story short, the number paid had jumped from $25 to $2500, a fact jerk customer ‘realises’ after payment clears, claiming the server was the one who’d entered the wrong amount.

He basically just said, ‘oh, it must have been a mistake, my wife’s going to kill me’, that sort of thing, ‘I need a refund straight away please’,” explains Dufty. Naturally, the refund went on to his own card, not the stolen one.

That $2500 turned into $5000 when Dufty also had to refund the owner of the stolen card originally used for the purchase. What’s more, they’re being told they’re at fault for letting it happen.

The takeaway? Apparently all those super annoying payment procedures the hospitality and/or retail store we’ve all worked for at some point if not right now were actually totally necessary. Also trust no one, even at Christmas.

Image: iStock Images / [boonchai wedmakawand]