Today in I beg your UNBELIEVABLE pardon news: you can legit own an abandoned house in the quaint if significantly abandoned southern Sicilian village of Mussomeli from $1.60. ONE DOLLAR AND SIXTY CENTS. For a Mediterranean oasis?

I mean, it’s almost 100% haunted at this point, because abandoned. But for $1.60 you can still afford a get an exorcist or whatever in to cleanse that shit and live your merry life.

These are not just any houses either, these are of the beautiful and ancient variety (again, most definitely haunted, but pretty). With cobblestone paths. And a medieval castle. And ancient churches. Seriously, screw Sydney and it’s impossible housing prices RIGHT off.

Legit are you seeing this shit? ^

But why? How? Who?

According to, the small villages of the country are being abandoned in droves for urban areas. Also, probably because of the ghosts.

In response, the Local Government has said fuck it and is selling 100 abandoned properties online right here right now, with another 400 expected to be added in the near future.

Is there a catch? Hell yeah there is, but tbh it’s not terrible? Like, it’s more than I can afford but so is everything. Basically, there’s an $8000 security deposit involved that you will lose if you don’t renovate your new (very haunted) Sicilian abode within a year of buying it.

But the town has local handyman, engineers, and architects to help new residents get their homes up to speed. They’re estimating renos will come in at around $107 per square foot with admin fees between about $4000 and $6450. BUT. That still means you just got yourself a whole jazzed up house IN SICILY for under $10 000.

Maybe, tbh I have no idea what average house square footage is. But it’s CHEAP guys, and that’s the point. Go enjoy your new very ghostly neighbors.

Image: Instagram / [@filpiaz]