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I really like the word ‘purge’ (when it’s not associated with laxatives). I also really like the word ‘money’ (when it’s not associated with… wait, no, all the time – I like money all the time). But how do you combine the two? The answer is internet marketplaces. And I should know, my housemates and I are big fans of the late-night Gumtree session. 

One of my roomies recently read The Barefoot Investor and consequently became obsessed with zero fee bank accounts and something called ‘mojo’; she was also told that in order to complete The Barefoot Investor, she needed to scrape together two thousand dollars via any means possible. And while I thought she’d make an excellent escort, we all agreed that a good old purge and sell would be a) most efficient and b) most appropriate. 

ImageAnd so we did just that. We took stock of our measly Melbourne terrace house, pooled all the belongings that we’d either outgrown or been gifted by disappointing boyfriends, took a few snaps, and chucked them online. Then we waited. And drank wine. And more wine. And when we ran out of said wine, we drank warm schnapps brewed by our elderly Italian neighbour, Nino. 

Soon, the notifications were rolling in: ‘Terry is interested in your Mint Condition Sony A7S’; ‘Darrell would like to know if your Vintage Foot Pedal Sewing Machine is still available’; ‘Sandra likes your Three Foot Slightly Dehydrated Fiddle Leaf Fig’. 

As it turns out, there’s a heap of everyday items lying around your house that can make you fat stacks on the internet. Here are a few gold coin guarantees: 

Kitsch electronics

I’m talking record players, 80s era 35mm point and shoot cameras, and your old iPhone. Basically, don’t underestimate the selling value of any electronics you no longer use.

Whether it’s a collector’s item or being bought for parts, it doesn’t matter. Someone out there is a nerd who has spent the winter looking for your exact Gameboy. Trust me. 


All your white goods

Look, you might not be making your money back, but don’t be greedy. 250 bucks for the fridge that you technically inherited from your parents when they upgraded is 250 bucks you didn’t have yesterday.

There are always heaps of folks looking for a decent dryer / washer / crockpot combo for their new rental. Indulge the masses and make some coin. 


The camping gear you never use

Remember that summer you dropped 1,500 dollarydoos on camping equipment because you thought you’d change your life, take up rock climbing, and spend more time in the great outdoors? Then you remembered you hate heights and grass makes you sneeze? Yeah, well, it’s time to sell your -30 sleeping bag. PURGE. MONEY. 


All your questionable op-shop purchases

Especially anything vintage that you’ve picked up at an op shop and/or your festival-going attire. If it’s vintage festival attire, then you’re going to be rich, mate.

There is a huge online clothing market just waiting for your wardrobe and, frankly, it’s better that your absolutely bangin’ vintage leather jacket get reused and recycled rather than thrown in the garbage. Think about the environment, gang. 


Image: 40-Year-Old Virgin