PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Greater Bank to turn up the volume on your side hustle.

I can safely say, although I’ve always dreamed of having a lucrative side hustle to rake in the funds come rent day (honestly it would be a huge help, pls universe help me with this for 2019) or just to following my passions, I’ve never been able to make it work.

And a lot of folks out there are probably in the same shoes. You’ve got the big ideas, a passion project, a business partner or maybe even a product that you’re so utterly passionate about that a CEO wearing shoes more expensive than your entire life couldn’t dissuade you.

Sometimes you just need a bit of a leg up and someone to give you a red hot crack. So we’re here to let you know that’s actually possible for three of you excellent humans.

The generous ol’ souls at Greater Bank are giving away three $5k grants to go towards your passion project and get your gig going properly – so no more excuses or telling your friends that, “oh, it’s just not financial yet but it’s definitely a goer“.

All you’ve gotta do is tell them in 100 words or less how the five thousand buckaroos will take your project to the next level. Maybe it’ll go towards a functioning prototype of your whizz-bang product idea, or it could finance your travel to meet with some investors or you could use it to fund your marketing ventures.

Oh, and you’ll also score some face-to-face mentoring direct from the founder of Unique Muscle: 10/10 entrepreneur and unicorn water drinker, Charlie Ercan. She’s got a big ol’ wealth of business knowledge so you’ll be in the best of hands as you nurse your side hustle into growing up.

Once your project has been given a big helping of cash and a session with Charlie to see it thrive, she’ll also keep checking in with three follow-up calls to get a read on how you’re progressing. You’ll have backing all along the way, so why not give it a go?

Chuck in your entry ASAP and start prepping your elevator pitch, coz’ if you’re lucky enough to be shortlisted you’ll need to submit an ace one to get to the next level – and keep your busy schedule free to travel to Sydney between mid to end April this year, you social butterfly you.

Get your entry in quick smart too, the first 50 entries win a cool $100 so even if you don’t get the main prize, your speediness could see you come out victorious either way.

Get a hustle on, folks.

Image: Instagram / @sliceofcharlie