TikTok Just Revealed The Reason Yr So Tired & It’s ‘Cos Of *Checks Notes* Dirty Brain Water?

TikTok often rocks my world, but a TikTok about your tiredness being caused by dirty brain water has wreaked havoc on my life since I first stumbled across it. Finally, an answer to the age old question: Why am I tired all the damn time?

TikTok user Robyn Northam, posted about the dirty vs. clean brain water debacle and I am shook to the core.

Seriously, if you’ve had any interaction with me in the last 48 hours, this is all I can talk about because WTF do you mean my brain water is dirty??

@robynlouisen IM LOOSING MY MIND OVER THIS #dirtybrain #science #wtf #strangefacts #biology ♬ original sound – Robyn Northam

“Your brain is surrounded by liquid,” said Robyn. “And when you sleep, your brain sucks that liquid in through it’s pores and then cleans the liquid and releases it again so that your brain isn’t sitting in dirty brain water”

And I’ve just got to say, in my 23 years of life how have I never heard about dirty brain water??

“This is what’s responsible for brain fog, baby brain, fatigue, crankiness,” she said. “All of the things you feel when you wake up and you think ‘I’m still tired’ that’s because your brain water is dirty.”

So you’re telling me if I’m not getting my full eight hours I’m rolling around with dirty brain water? A truly horrendous revelation.

“I cannot stress enough how much this has freaked me out,” Said Robyn, and girl, I’m right there with ya.

Now whilst Robyn is explaining this sitch in layman’s terms, she’s absolutely not wrong. The glymphatic system is the bodily system required for waste management.

And every night, whilst you sleep, it carries fresh fluid into the brain, the fresh fluid mixes with the waste-filled fluid that surrounds the brain cells, and then the dirty stuff gets flushed out of the brain and into the blood.

This process typically happens during deep sleep, and if that’s not motivation to get your full eight hours, I don’t know what is.

Get some rest and clean that brain water ya filthy animals.