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We all know the basics of looking after ourselves. Our minds basically go straight to eating well and exercising occasionally, right? This is absolutely a good place to start, but the older we get the more we have to consider all the other aspects of actually looking after ourselves. For one, because we know better now. For another, because you’re awesome and you deserve to treat yourself awesomely.

So what does looking after yourself actually look like?

a lot like this

Managing Your Health

You get one body, mates, just one. It’s beautiful and it deserves to be treated with respect. That means exercise, healthy eating, dentist appointments, doctor check-ups, taking your mental health seriously, getting enough sleep and anything else it might require.

The thing is, looking after yourself can add up, I get it. That’s why the sign of truly looking after yourself is signing up for health insurance. Not just any old health insurance, but one that suits your particular needs. Take a look at options like Medibank that have Extras Cover options tailored to what you’ll actually use. Plus, if you’re 18 to 29 years old you could get a discount of up to 10% off Medibank hospital cover*. So why not?

Take Self-Care Seriously

On that note, looking after yourself means you start seeing self-care as a necessity rather than an indulgence. You might need to hear it a few times before you start to believe it, but you can’t help everyone else until you help yourself.

Say no to a few things, take time for yourself, book a massage if you need it, run a hot bath, read a good book, binge-watch a great tv series, go for a long walk in the bush. Whatever chilling out and time to regather yourself looks like to you, don’t feel guilty about taking time to actually do it.

Stick To A Budget

Notice I said ‘stick to’ NOT just ‘make’. This is key. I don’t know about you, but I honestly feel at my most ‘together’ when I’m sticking to a budget I took time to make. Of course, your budget should be realistic. You can most likely cut out a few extra bought work lunches but it’s pretty hard to stick to a budget that doesn’t allow for ANY fun. Please see above re: treating yo’self from time to time.

Let Go Of Toxic People

There is no bigger drain on your life than toxic people who may be taking up space in it. You know the ones. They always have a way of killing your vibe, love to come in with a neg or straight-out mean word, expect you to drop everything to help them but would never do the same in return.

If you’re constantly giving more than you’re getting, it’s time to seriously consider if this person is bringing value to your life, and recognise that you’re absolutely allowed to stop wasting your precious time on them if they’re not.

* Excludes dependants on family memberships.

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