Keep It Cleaner co-founder Laura Henshaw, has shared an extremely solid reminder to not be so hard on yourself during the coronavirus lockdowns, especially when it comes to diet and body image.

In an Instagram post shared on Thursday, Henshaw asked her large following how much pressure they put on themselves, especially in isolation.

“I personally put on a truck load in in times like these when we have pressure, stress, and sadness coming from places outside of our control, unnecessary pressure takes an even bigger toll than normal,” Henshaw said.

The author condemned so-called “guilt-free recipes” and workout regimes targeting “iso kilograms”, saying Aussies just really don’t need that shit at the moment.

Henshaw reflected that it’s during these difficult times that she realises what really matters to her.

“Movement has gotten me through iso, but not because of weight loss or other ‘gains’, [but] because it makes my mind so much better, and makes me feel strong.

“Those things are important to me. I have been trying to eat healthy(ish) to help with energy but I don’t always nail that and that’s okay,” she said.

“There should never be any guilt associated with eating a piece / slice / bowl / plate of food!!!”

Henshaw said she tied food to guilt for a long time and all it did was make her feel shit about herself and add more unnecessary pressure.

“We are so much more than that what we look like, PLEASE remember that.

“You are not defined by your weight, your size, your bottom circumference (for goodness sake), or anything close.

“You are unique, powerful, special, and that is ENOUGH.”

Attached to her caption were pictures from Henshaw’s early modelling career, when she would train for hours, linked guilt with food, and still didn’t feel good enough. Henshaw said she had super low-self esteem at the time.

“The first two images I was trying to stay in ‘shape’ for the international market and the third was at a show where I had just broken a zip and it made me feel like I was worth close to nothing.

“Associating our worth with what we look like can be so damaging.


Keep It Cleaner has been championing wellness during lockdown, encouraging followers to concentrate on progress instead of perfection and how you feel instead of how you look.

Henshaw and co-founder Steph Claire Smith recently announced personal trainers Brittney CuttsSurvivor‘s Brooke Jowett, and Ellice Whichello have joined the KIC team to teach all things boxing, strength, and HIIT.

Image: Instagram / @laura.henshaw