WIN: We’re Giving Away A $300 Voucher So You Can Finally Buy Someone’s Love

Win Westfield voucher

Hey, remember that time you went from weekly pay to monthly pay and your whole world came crashing down because you suck at budgeting? No? Just me? Very fair.

Whatever your financial situation may be, you can hardly pass up the chance to spend an extra 300 bucks without regretting it immediately. I don’t care if you have no money in your account or five trillion dollars, 300 dollars to spend is 300 dollars to spend.

To score the hefty Westfield voucher, just tell us your food-related thoughts in the survey below and we’ll do the rest. Whether that’s giving you the voucher or choosing someone better, that remains to be seen.

If you do win, don’t tell your friends. Word on the street is your friends are moochy little shits and they’ll milk you dry like blood-sucking rodents.

Good luck!

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