WATCH: How Sophie Palmer Broke Away From The 9-To-5 To Be Her Own Boss

Sophie Palmer used to live the fast-paced life. Working in media, for her, meant strict schedules and a stricter work ethic.

But a few years ago she traded in the corporate lifestyle to one focused more on healing and transformation. Now working as a meditation and yoga teacher, you’re more likely to find Sophie contorting her body than her mind.

And while she initially took up yoga and meditation for the physical benefits, Palmer’s real gains have come from leaving the restrictions and rules of the 9-to-5 lifestyle behind – using her money to free her from the corporate world.

“The change in my career, moving from the structure of a corporate lifestyle to something that I knew I really wanted to be doing was an incredibly liberating and freeing experience.” She says, “In all those scarier times, it gave me a lot of room to explore what I wanted to be doing and the capacity to which I was able to give and receive.”

The idea of freeing herself from the shackles of needing to live for work comes from the lessons handed down to her by her parents, Palmer says. “They were very passionate to install a good work ethic. And I think that kind of underpinned the idea around having to work for something rather than just receiving.”

This new-found freedom has not been without its own struggles – she is now self-employed, after all. But Palmer has found that when times have gotten tough, she can still look to her immediate family for support and financial guidance.

My sister would be one of the biggest influences on me, in terms of money. Over the years, she has always been the more financially affluent and the more efficient saver, and the one who has certainly set the bar quite high in terms of how to reach financial goals.

At the end of the day, Sophie Palmer has just one piece of advice for those seeking to free themselves from the expected norms of earning money: Go for it.

“I think to be held back from fear is an incredibly dangerous way to live, and I would say absolutely go for it.”

“Experience the learning, the high and the lows, the challenges and the rewards. Everything that comes from working for yourself. I would 100% back yourself.”

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