Give Us A Few Mins Of Yr Precious Time & You Could Win A $300 Shopping Voucher

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

We here at PEDESTRIAN.TV acknowledge that you have ultra valuable things to do with your precious free time – and we appreciate that you spend some of it readin’ our spicy yarns. You may need to scroll through Gumtree for a new fridge since yours has smelt like off milk for a period of months, to go for a gym sesh because you vaguely remember and want to return to a time when you could make out the shape of your abs, or you may have a text message from some burnout you’ve been ignoring for days that you’re finally ready to reply to.

We’re asking you to invest three minutes of that sweet, sweet time into giving us insights into your beautiful selves and your perspective on tertiary education providers.

What else were you gonna do for those three minutes really? Brush your teeth or do your dishes? Have a real quick wank, or watch a YouTube tutorial about how to contour like a pro? Sure, you could be popping out for a rapid smoko, groovin’ to a single pop banger, or trying to defecate as quickly as possible at your date’s house before they realise you’ve been in the bathroom too long, but you could also be telling us all of the things for our brand study research: things your roommate is sick of hearing you rant about. And tbh we don’t mind if you do it while on the shitter.

To thank y’all for answering our questioné’s, we’re giving away a $300 EFTPOS voucher for you to use wherever you need it: whether on groceries, petrol money, or because your online shopping habit is getting out of hand. Some thoughts on how I would spend the $$: music festival tickets, a two-day booze bender, an afternoon at a real fancy hairdresser, some real luxe lingerie, a cream-worthy pair of headphones, or part one of a series of sessions at my local tattoo parlour. Just some thought starters to get yr imagination churnin’.

You can fill out the survey by clicking >>>>>HERE<<<<<. Garn, help a pal out.