A Cult Sydney Cheese Shop Is Now Doing Luxe Deliveries Straight To Your Door

Ultimate humble bougie Sydney date-night fave Stinking Bishops is now making its way into your homes and hearts with two new very lush-looking hampers, if you’ve been missing your hit of funky fromage this year.

The Enmore cheesemongers – who will absolutely give you cheeky offcuts from the kitchen if you sit at the bar – have pulled together two Aussie hampers that bring the crème de la crème of local snack providers together with delicious fresh chunks of cheese to your doorstep.

Think wines, crackers, specialty oil, preserves, pickles, meats, and cheeses. The whole kit and kaboodle to have a lazy grazing afternoon on the couch or in the backyard. Sounds like a god damned dream, if you ask me.

Stinking Bishops have pulled together two different hampers depending on how much you want to treat yourself (which you do deserve, by the way).

There’s the Big Aussie Hamper, which starts at $189 a box and includes four kinds of cheese, two types of meat or preserved veg, and a bunch of products from local producers.

stinking bishops hampers sydney

Or if you’re into fewer treats more often, Stinking Bishops has also booted up a hamper subscription service (!!!) which will deliver a little box of treats to your door every month.

From a tidy $90, you can get a monthly drop of a couple of cheeses, a lump of locally-cured meat or preserved veg, and a couple of selected local products to your doorstep.

stinking bishops hampers sydney

Stinking Bishops is offering a one-month trial so you can test it out, or go whole-hog and lock in to a three or six month subscription, which I’m more than certain future-you will be super thankful for. Especially if you plumb forgot you’ve done it and wind up with a little surprise every month.

You’ve also got the option to nip down to Enmore and pick up your chosen hamper/pic-a-nic treats, or if you live in a 20km radius of that little bar in the inner west of Sydney, you can get your hampers delivered for a small fee.