This Quiz Will Tell You What Kinda Person You Are When It Comes To Saving

Mastering the art of saving money is directly tied to how you feel on the ‘how much of an adult am I?’ scale. If you’re good at it, odds are you’re pretty chuffed with how you’ve been tackling existence after high school. If you’re bad at it? Well, you probably feel just as good as a forgotten snag that’s been left to become charcoal on your dad’s BBQ after he was distracted by your drunken aunt Barbara.

Just like so many psychologically-influenced behaviours in our lives, you needa get around that whole ~inward reflection~ thing to eradicate poor form on the saving cash front. Without an inherent knowledge of who you are (as well as the good/bad attributes unearthed from the experience), how can you possibly work towards being your best you? We ain’t no expert, but we’re pretty damn confident that you can’t without getting real deep into your mind’s perspective on everything.

But typically we’ve associated drastic means like meditation on the side of some cliff, or seeking the council of some foreign country’s all-knowing shaman, as the ultimate ways to facilitate this kind of self-discovery. Those options are ridiculous great, sure – but this is 2017, people. We have the internet at our disposal. And the internet is full of these fab quizzes that make the whole knowing-who-you-are thang a simpler process.

We thought we’d throw our hat into the ring and make our own quiz designed to give you a decent insight into your personality type when it comes to stashing away cash for a rainy day. If you’re keen to get the DL on what your mind/behaviour suggests about your savings habits, then give it a whirl. P.S. Having a crack could score you $1K.

If it’s struggling to load a lil’, then head HERE.

We’ll also be releasing a piece off the back of what y’all collectively suggest is the biggest issue for you when it comes to adding to the rainy day fund, so keep your eyes peeled. If you’re keen to improve your saving’s game ASAP, then check out Bankwest‘s Hero Saver Account HERE.