Report Suggests Mooching Food From Mates, Dates, & Dumpsters Is V. Common

When it comes to keeping yourself fed while broke, it seems the humble Mi Goreng diet has made way for a load of more ingenious methods.

A truckload of you are cool with scabbing food from your mates, asking your date to foot the bill, tricking your way into campus BBQs, and even dumpster diving to get a meal while scrimping.

A new report called “Would You Rather”, commissioned by UniBank, illustrates that while we are getting better at saving our dosh, our ways of reducing our day-to-day costs are getting more complex, cunning, and sometimes even suspect. 
More than half of respondents would invite themselves over to your mate’s place for dinner, while more than 15% of respondents would look forward to a date on the hope their possible paramour foots the bill. Because nothing is more romantic than scabbing a free feed.

Similarly, 7% of respondents are cool with dumpster diving (um, okay?), and almost a third would raid a housemate’s food stash (uhhh…). 
It’s worth noting that these behaviours do make you look like a crap mate. Over a third of respondents said their least favourite person was the person who pressures them to spend their cash, or the “c’mon just one more round for the crew” guy. They’re followed closely by the person who is constantly broke, or the “sorry I left my card in my other purse/jacket” guy. 
So maybe think twice before asking your friend to shout the next round, ‘kay?
Source: Unibank.
Photo: Broad City.