How & Why You Need To Set Up Your PayID For Easier Payments 5eva


There’s almost nothing worse than when you plan a night out with your m8s and end up $400 bucks short because the place you chose doesn’t split bills, and your pals are too careless to remember to pay you. We have choices to remedy this, but they’re not ideal. You can either find new mates (but let’s be real, you’re lucky they even tolerate your nonsense as is), choose to stay home like the hermit you are, or tackle it head-on with an instant transaction sitch.

Fast payments with PayID is the new way to pay and get paid that makes your previous online banking feel like the longest, most arduous task in existence.

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Head here, follow the steps to sort out your PayID with NAB and the rest of your life will be like one glorious, hassle-free walk in the park. No selfish kids hogging the swings, no parents telling you to get off the swings because their selfish kids want a go – pure heaven. Translation:No pesky BSBs and account numbers to remember. Just create your PayID and share it to receive payments on-the-spot. Simple.

Unconvinced? Of course you are, it’s 2018 and everyone’s a frikken skeptic. So, here’s exactly how your life will be bettered thanks to the gift that is fast payments with PayID.

You Won’t Hate Your Friends

If your m8s are constantly texting you asking if your account number ends in 05 or 24 – after promising you countless times they’d delete your old info – they’ve undoubtedly copped the “ugh, you’re the worst” reply. It’s not enough to actually motivate them to organise their contacts, but it stings nonetheless.

With PayID, the need for the sheepish texting will be reduced and your friends will be able to send it straight to your super simple ID of choice. In case they happen to have left it the casual six months before actually paying you, it usually goes into your account under 60 seconds, so I mean, you may just keep the friendship alive a little while longer.

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Payment Chicken Will Be A Game Of The Past

If you’ve ever dined out with a group, you’ve definitely played Payment Chicken. It usually consists of everyone making uncomfortable small talk while the bill sits there in the middle of the table, taunting everyone who chucks a glance its way.

You’ve already clarified that the restaurant doesn’t split bills, so now you’re sweating up a storm, refusing to bow to the pressure of your equally sweaty pals. The last time you paid the bill, everyone bolted out the door, bought one-way tickets to Mexico and changed their names never to be seen again.

No split bills? No sweat (literally and figuratively). Everyone can simply whip out their phones and pay you on-the-spot. If you’ve got a hipster in your friendship circle who refuses to upgrade his Nokia because he doesn’t want to be a “slave to social media”, just kick him out of the group. It’ll be easier in the long run.

Planning Holidays Will Be Headache-Free

So you’ve decided to run away to the Bahamas and leave your goldfish to fend for itself? Brutal, but I respect your decision. There’s plenty of fish in the Bahamas.

When you’re planning your sweet escape and the travel site only allows a credit card because it’s personally attacking you and your life decisions, get your fancy pants friend to put it on their fancy pants card and then reimburse them. Fast payments are smarter, allowing up to 280 characters for your payment description, so if you wanna get all detailed you can chuck in flight times or even a small paragraph as to why they’re actually not better than you for having a credit card.

More to the point, it’ll save countless altercations and you’ll avoid the passive-aggressive death stare every time the subject of money comes up. The less friends talk about money, the more time they have to talk about completely irrelevant and trivial subjects that make anyone in earshot pray for our generations’ future.

If you don’t wanna be left behind by your more tech-inclined friends, get the ball rolling by heading to NAB for a PayID play-by-play. Thank us later.

Fast payments and PayID are available within a class of products issued by National Australia Bank Ltd ABN 12 004 044 937 AFSL 230686 (‘NAB’). Any advice contained in this article has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on any advice in this article, NAB recommends that you consider whether it is appropriate for your circumstances and that you review the relevant Product Disclosure Statement or Terms and Conditions.