A List Of Daily Grinds That Are Probs Far Better Than Yr Current Work Sitch

There’s no getting around the work thing, unless you’re born into some rich-as-hell situation like a Kardashian dynasty (#PrayForNorth). With that being said, you may as well be doing something you enjoy, and, seeing as you’ve come to this article for guidance, I’m guessing you don’t currently.

But do you have to do something average? Something millions of others do and therefore strip the career path of any external excitement? No. You can do something nice / different / unusual instead – something that you don’t want to brush off as boring when asked about it at family Christmases and the like. I could go on to list all the whacky-yet-ideal jobs, like a waterslide, chocolate and mattress tester (which exist), but the chances of scoring those are one in a million.

Buckle in for some more realistic choices.


Photo: UnReal

You’d be lying if you said reality shows didn’t fulfil all your trashy TV needs. The reason the viewing is so bloody wonderful is thanks in no small part to the production team behind it. Yes, it could be your legitimate job to make people loveable (and hateable) to the wider audience (don’t worry, pretty sure the contestants sign a clause saying it’s all sweet to mould their personality), and, of course, you’ll have intel that others don’t on how everything goes down.

You have to be able to work collaboratively in a team, though. Shannon Anderson, who studied Screen & Media at RMIT and now works in television production said:

“Working as a team in a creative industry is really hard. You have an image in your head of how you want something to look but someone might disagree with you. We’ve learnt important skills in how to communicate ideas, directing actors and crew, and how to compromise, which are all very important skills in film and TV.”


If the Australian Financial Review’s Young Rich List is anything to go by, having a successful app is where it’s at – Emily Skye has a $32 million fortune and Kayla Itsines, along with her partner Tobi Pearce, have a shared wealth of $46 million.

Look, I’m not oblivious to that fact that they also have ridiculous followings on the ‘grams that have helped them market the product. Their ability to leverage is admirable, though, even if not all of us want to admit such things. Because racking up millions of followers like them can take a very, very long time, you could do a marketing and advertising course to help you with getting your idea in the right hands. Check some on offer, with anywhere from 1-3 years completion time, here.



Sorry but who hasn’t, at one point in their life, thought about what it would be like to work at Google? Even if you don’t necessarily want to work there, the first question you’d ask someone who does it what the offices are like. (This is what they are like.) So basically, even if you’re doing a not-so-crash-hot job there, the surrounding space would make it kinda worth it. But stay with me here – there are positions in Google’s Creative Lab.

What’s that, you ask? Just a one-year, paid program in Google Creative lab, where you will be labelled a “Fiver” and work on projects within the company, usually the first of it’s kind. YES YOU CAN BE A HISTORY-MAKER. See the application HERE and just tell me it’s not inviting. You might even work up the ladder and land a swoit gig like this guy:

If you’re keen on taking on a career path that feels more exciting to you, it’s worth checking out RMIT’s pathway courses HERE. They’re perfect for upskilling or changing gears in your line of werk, in far less time.