How To Get Those 2018 Saving Goals Back On Track W/O Ruining Yr Social Life

Contributor: Pedestrian

We’re only a couple of months into 2018 but I’d bet actual money you’ve already cooked your New Year’s Resolutions.

But don’t sweat it – everyone faces this completely predictable failure year after year. Even perfect specimens like Roger Federer!

It’s how you choose to move forward from this point that will set you apart from everyone else. Don’t let an early derailing stop you from getting back on track. I mean, when it comes down to it, there’s no reason you can’t get on the better-you horse tomorrow. Isn’t that the only difference between December 31 and January 1 anyway? A day?

I rest my case
Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s look at ways you can start saving some extra dollars as of tomorrow.

Automatic transfers will have your back

Rent is an absolute pest and when you tally up how much you’ve spent annually, it just may shake you to your core. However, people who pay their rent via an automatic deduction (the morning after payday is usually a real goer), don’t notice the weekly slap in the face because they don’t really ever see it.

Because your wage goes in and your rent comes out in one foul swoop, you kinda forget that it’s happening. You don’t think, “I’ve got $600 I can spend this week minus rent.” You approach it like, “I’ve got $400 to spend this week.” That’s because money never seen = money never missed. Mind blown?

Shift your attitude and start looking at saving as an expense. Additionally, start an automatic transfer from your week’s pay to a saving account (potentially with an entirely different bank that you have self-imposed restrictions of accessing).

Take advantage of the rewards you’re entitled to

Are you a student? You’re entitled to a bunch of student discounts (have a good look at every price list + menu). Are you a Debit Mastercard card holder? You can access a whole bunch of offers just by being one, be it a one-pass Gigged In plandiscounted popcorn + drink combos for the movies at Event Cinemas and free upgrades to Event Cinemas’ Vmax. Pretty bloody good, especially when it means having a social life AND being able to save.

While we’re on the topic – don’t ignore the magical receipt. Flip it over and check what coupons could come in handy for your life. 4c off every litre of petrol? Count me the hell in. Buy one get one free meals at the local pub down the road? Perf – was my week to treat bae anyway.

Budget yo’ life

Making a budget, and sticking to it, is essential for a successful saver. Without one? You won’t know how much you spent on what, unless you enjoy decoding bank statements like some kind of psychopath. Now that your rent and bills are out of the way (thanks to auto deductions) you’re in a position to get realistic about all the other expenses for the week, fortnight or month (praying 4 u).

Be realistic. Don’t kid yourself into thinking you’ll cut $50 of your food budget when you’re not going to be able resist your Friday night takeout ritual. Speaking of, perhaps enter this #DebitReward comp to win a year’s worth of pizza.

Write that down

You can’t see how much money you’re saving if you don’t know where you started. Use visual prompts to remind you of your progress or failures. Some people like Post-its on the mirror. Other likes phone notes as their screensaver. Having an in-your-face reminder will make you say no to that fifth leather jacket that you absolutely want but do not need.

Sell your stuff

Do you know how much money I’ve made off things that are literally tucked under my bed collecting dust? A lot, mates. Check out where the local markets are to you and get it happening. Even if you’re scared of the markets (understandable), we live in this crazy world now where you can sell stuff online. It’s nuts! Gumtree! eBay! Carousell! You choose! It’s amazing how much money you could be sitting on right now.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?