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It’s Cyber Monday today – the final push in the sales weekend that stops the nation (basically). It’s a great time to pick up online discounts, but enough explaining – all you really need to know rn is that Dyson is doing an absolutely massive set of deals.

Yep, your dream vacuum brand (and fan brand, and hairdryer brand) is having a sale, and the savings are GOOD. Real good.

Let’s start with the vacuums, shall we? It’s what we’re all here for. So the cheapest is their Light Ball Multi Floor +, which is down from $599 to $399.

Looking for something newer and less bulky? The cheapest in the stick vacuum form is the v8 Origin, down from $749 to $449.

On the new-stuff front, the v11 Torque Drive is down from $1,099 to $848.

Moving on from cleaning appliances, which are absolutely my kink but also there is more to life – like cooling down my room! I love to cool my room down during the relentless summer heat, and sometimes a dinky standing fan that cost $20 just won’t cut it. In fact, it never cuts it.

Their Hot+Cool Fan Heater, which works to cool down your space and also heat it up in winter, is down from $599 to $398.

There are heaps more, it’s worth having a look – especially if you’ve got a specific version in mind of a product. Check it all out here – but get on it ASAP, the sale ends in just over a day.

Image: Instagram / @dyson