How To Chase Your M8s Up For Money Without Making It V Uncomfortable

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Plenty of us are uncomfortable talking about money. Like, it just feels weird to find out what someone else’s salary or hourly rate is, and whether they have enough money to come to Vietnam with you (pro-tip, if they’re ummming and ahhhing about going on holiday, they do not have the money – they spent all their wages on rent and like, eight pairs of stupidly expensive jeans).

Then there are the perils of owing someone money. Some people are very not okay with owing anyone anything – they don’t even like accepting birthday presents because they’ll have to buy one back eventually, or they accrue IOUs like they’ve got ridic levels of disposable income.

Worse yet? Having to chase someone for money owed. Too many peeps take swift advantage, promising they’ll pay you back for those 3D movie tix as soon they get home (they won’t).

Still, while spotting someone cash can be absolutely infuriating, there’s no need to be unpleasant when you’re hitting them up for that $weet $weet ca$hola: there’s an etiquette to these things, guys, and we’re here to guide you through it.

Scenario: you go for a luxe dinner with three pals, but guess what, the restaurant is cash only, and only you have actual physical money to hand. Luckily, it’s enough to cover everyone, you just want ’em to pay you back.

Hit up the group chat

Then on the bus home, post an A+ meme to the group chat, remind everyone of your verbal contract, and provide them with your payment details. Don’t trust them with long digits?

Gone are the days of needing to recall from memory your BSB and account number in order to get paid by your pals. Nope, we’re living in PayID times, mates.

What dat? You create your PayID using your email addy or mobile number and pass those deets onto your mates – who let’s be real, already know them anyway. Then you’re good to send money between participating banks in under a minute, 24/7. There’s also space to include a 280-character short essay about the transaction: enough space to say where you were, what you ate, and that you reckon your pal is a deadset legend.

Find out all the goss about how you can pay with PayID and start your new life, getting your money back promptly and bragging about it to anyone who’ll listen, HERE.

Talk ’bout it honestly

Like at the time explicitly say, “Heya can each on of you send me $XY tonight?” And everyone will say “Of course bro.” Because if you’re not totally upfront, or if you say something silly like “I’ll shout…” you will never ever see that money again. It is gone forever, forget about it.

Do not, not, not leave it too late

You got everyone out of a jam, and now you’re trying to adhere to the limited window you have to ask the question – if you leave it more than a few days literally everyone except you has forgotten you paid for din dins. They’ve moved on to bigger thoughts, like joshing in the very same chat about which one of you could viably be a superhero, complete with very poor photoshops of yourself lifting a car.

A polite follow-up doesn’t hurt

If you’re trying to prise money from a notorious non-payer, just remember to chat to them respectfully. If you haven’t been paid by the end of the week, send a polite follow-up, complete with a .gif privately saying, “Hey, you remember dinner last week? Do you mind sending me $XY? Sorry to hassle – I just have a phone bill due and know that we all forget stuff like this sometimes!” Super casual and friendly – but including a concrete reason why you can’t be waiting on the money much longer.

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