5 Affordable Gifts That’ll Give You Solid Brownie Points This Mother’s Day

Affordable Mothers Day Gifts

Mum’s are the best – no questions asked – but Mother’s Day can often be a tricky one because while we obviously want to shower our mothers in all the world’s luxuries, many of us literally have no coin at all.

Regardless, we need to treat them to some love and luxury, so here are 5 affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll spoil her while not breaking the bank, from fragrances and face care to homemade cards and date nights.

Dinner date

Why not book a restaurant and write a cute note with an IOU dinner date for the two of you? Make sure the booking is a lil’ fancy to show how much you appreciate her for putting up with years of your mess. Let’s be real, mums just want to spend some one-on-one quality time with us on Mother’s Day, ’cause we’re great, obviously.

Beauty gift packs

Speaking of putting up with mess, our mums have spent a few too many years running around after us that they often forget to take time out and pamper themselves. Sometimes we need to remind them. L’Occitane‘s Luxury Travel Pack ($97) includes reset serum and an assortment of body oils and creams, while the Delightful Almond collection ($110) includes a yum array of body creams and almond shower oil. The world is your almond-y oyster.

Framed picture

You & Ma.

Immortalising precious moments in time can be v sentimental and a worthy investment. Find a photo of you and mother looking slick and blow it up onto a huge frame. But please, whatever you do, don’t be choosing a flick just because you look FIRE. We all have that friend who’s posted a birthday photo of us on our wall in which they look like a 10/10 and we look like the literal personified version of trash. So please, whatever you do, don’t dog your mum – make sure she’s the centrepiece and looks like she’s walked off the cover of Vogue.


Buying mum a fragrance is always a great bet because everyone loves smelling nice (if you don’t, that’s odd). L’Occitane has an expansive range of affordable fragrances for her depending on what her vibe is. For example, Herbae Eau de Parfum ($99) is your match if she’s a wild heart, and Rose Eau de Toilette ($76) is a winner if she’s more of a cute lil’ romantic type.

Homemade card

I couldn’t complete the list without suggesting the old-time favourite gift that is the homemade card. Cheap, yes, but it shows that you took time out of your day to sit down, be creative and express your lurv. That’s ~priceless~.

Remember – not every present needs to cost you a ridiculous amount. Cliché, yes, but it truly is the thought that counts. So run wild, you thoughtful child, and shower your mum in some much-needed appreciation.

If you’re feeling inspired to strategically splurge, head on over to L’Occitane for more beauty products that’ll make her feel luxe and subsequently make you her favourite child. Life’s a competition, after all.