Asking a dame to share her signature scent is a lot like asking to take a peek in her underwear drawer.

Why? Because perfume is deeply personal – choosing one, buying one, spraying one – and the very appeal of a signature scent is that it’s unique to you, so it stands to reason you don’t want every second person walking around smelling the same.

Still, we pride ourselves on our ability to twist the arms of everyone we consider a friend of PEDESTRIAN.TV, so may we present the can’t-live-without, will-never-switch-from fragrances of six Aussie style stars.

(PS: We already hit up the most the male contingent for their cologne recs if you want to take a squiz).  


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“I’m quite seasonal when it comes to fragrances, and I do always love to try a new scent. The three that I have on constant rotation are Byredo Bal D’Afrique and Gypsy Waterand Le Labo Thé Noir. I rotate depending on my mood, the weather and occasion. The Byredo fragrances I discovered on my very first trip to Paris, so I think they will always have a special place in my heart. Le Labo very generously gifted me Thé Noir when it was released, and it became a very fast favourite!”


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“My favourite fragrance is Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. It was a scent recommended to me by a good friend, and I instantly fell in love! It takes me back to memories afar, island hopping throughout Croatia and Greece and sipping coconuts underneath the palms in the Maldives.”


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“My signature fragrance is Tom Ford Orchid Soleil, it’s part of the Black Orchid ‘family’ of fragrances. I had the fortunate pleasure of attending a press dinner for Tom Ford fragrances here in NYC where before each dish, we were given a tray of notes from a corresponding fragrance and asked to guess the scent, then served the meal inspired by those individual notes. Maybe the dish I was served inspired me to favour this fragrance – I can’t be sure! I do know that it’s an acquired taste, it’s so richly creamy (notes of chestnut cream) and somehow reminds me of a tropical escape I’m yet to take… I love fragrances that are challenging and complex.”


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J’Adore by Dior – it’s fresh but classic and feminine – or Gucci Flora. I like to mix up my fragrances to keep my signature scent from becoming too mundane. I received Gucci Flora for my 21st birthday, and J’Adore is one I bought myself last year. It takes me back to that moment in time.”


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“I use pure rose oil. The reason I wear it is because I have quite sensitive skin, so I’ve found essential oils to be the best perfume for me. My mother gave me a present of pure rose oil from when she was on holiday in Dubai and I love it! Otherwise I use the Jurlique one.”


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“I am totally in love with Tom Ford Orchid Soleil. There is just something about Tom Ford fragrances. They are both sexy and sophisticated. Orchid Soleil is a deep scent that is also very fresh and wearable, which is often hard to find in richer scents. It makes me feel glamorous and edgy – the perfect mix!”

Breathe in the chic, ppl.

Image: Instagram / Talisa Sutton.