Niche fragrance houses are really having their moment – more and more you’re finding yourself sniffing your mates and saying “what’s that you’re wearing?” only to be told it’s some obscure scent from a perfume house you’ve never heard of before. 
If there was an unofficial “top three” niche fragrance houses list, Le Labo is surely up there. But it’s for more than just the fact they have some killer perfumes in their extensive range. They’re doing some pretty cool things in the fragrance space, and we are 100% here for it.
Up until now Le Labo was only available in Mecca stores around Oz, which is cool coz they have the full range and let’s be real – Mecca is a beauty lovers heaven so we’re never gonna be sad to go in there. But with the announcement that they’re opening their first Aussie flagship in Melbourne at the end of March, we thought we’d school you up on why this cult brand is so A+.

Perfumes, candles, hand soaps – all vegan. And none of it’s tested on animals, so you can pamper yourself without a worry in the world.

If you’re so loved-up that you want to create a fragrance collection that is completely shared, Le Labo are your guys. All their scents are designed to be just as lush on a gal’s skin as a guys, and a lot of this is to do with they way they combine their fragrance notes.
Take their ROSE 31 for example – sounds pretty feminine, yeah? And while rose is the hero here, they’ve thrown in some cumin, cedar and amber to ground it. Basically, these aren’t your run of the mill perfumes – be prepared for people to stop you in the street and ask what you’re wearing. FYI, Justin Bieber is reportedly a SANTAL 33 fan.

The cool thing about Le Labo opening a Melbs store next month is you can finally get amongst their unique, mix-in-house method. Basically, say you decide to buy a bottle of LYS 41. You don’t just pick up your bottle and scoot out of there; they’ll mix you your own, fresh batch.
All Le Labo fragrances can be printed with your name, where and when it was mixed or something else cute that fits within 23 characters. Want to add even more fance? Engrave your initials onto their gorge solid perfume cases. 
The very first Le Labo Aussie standalone store opens in Melbs on 183 Gertrude St, Fitzroy sometime late in March, so check their site for further updates on the offish opening day.
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