Look. Valentine’s Day is absolutely a big cheesy fake holiday. It’s not something anyone needs to celebrate, and it’s been fraught with negativity since pretty much the dawn of time.

But hey, for some of us it’s really just a celebration of our partner. Or friends. And that’s fine! It’s fine to love Valentine’s Day.

Thing is, when we were teens a V-Day present was likely a cheap teddy from Kmart or some overpriced roses. So what can we buy for our current partners that they’ll a) love and b) actually use, making them worth the $$?

We’ve rounded up some really fantastic gifts that keep the fun in Valentine’s Day, but won’t be binned within a week.


Desvalido @ Porte A Vie Silk Ruffle Bralette, $119.95 and Classic Silk French Knicker, $89.95

Buying lingerie for a partner can be fraught with danger. And it’s all to do with sizing. Ideally, try getting access to one of your girlfriend’s bras so you know her exact size. If not, bralettes like this Desvalido one above can work because they are cup-free, meaning you can just go by someone’s dress size (for the most part).



BoozeBud Valen-Tinnies Beer Box, $69.69

Beer is great. Loads of people like beer. So if you’re gifting your s.o for Valentine’s Day and you know they’re not into anything sexy or sappy, why not give them, oh, 16 cans of curated craft beer? You can also add a personalised message, so there’s your chance to get your sap on.


SENSUA @ Par Femme Suede Whip, $75

Quick note. Probably not a great idea to buy couples sex toys that are outside of the vibe you already have going with your partner without having a conversation first. You’ll run the risk of buying something they’re not keen to use, and then there’s a bunch of money down the toilet. However – sex toys are the perfect Valentine’s gift if you guys are into them. Buying something a bit luxe like this suede whip keeps the element of sexy romance in place, too.


Lush Giant Rose Bombshell, $24.95

Gifting bath bombs is like gifting someone some TLC time. Which is always romantic. Lush have brought out some adorable giant versions of their famous bath bombs in time for Valentine’s Day, which is like saying “I’ll gift you some TLC and then add some extra TLC to your TLC”, you feel?


Yves Saint Laurent @ David Jones Y EDT, 60ml, $109

Cologne and fragrance is still a great Valentine’s Day gift as an adult. The best part? Where you bought your teen girlfriends Impulse and your boyfriends Lynx packs, now you can afford something unique and true to their style.


Daily Blooms, from $35

Flowers are still a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift, but if your partner isn’t the traditional roses type – go for something more modern. There are some excellent florists out there working with beautiful Australian flowers, from wildflowers to vintage-style bouquets. Daily Blooms offer sizes from small to XL, which is also perfect if you want to buy a new squeeze something cute but don’t want to overdo it too soon.


BabyAnything Lady Capulet Diamond Ring, from $530

Okay, a $530 ring isn’t to everyone’s budget. If it is – props to you. But in general, dainty rings are a great Valentine’s Day gift if you’re pretty serious with your partner and want to communicate that via your gift. We’re obsessed with the Lady Capulet Diamond ring from BabyAnything, but it also comes in more affordable versions that use a variety of other materials like seed pearl and aquamarine.


Close Noir by quibe @ Society6 Framed Print Mini, $51.99

Art is a primo grown-up gift – and you can still keep the sexy Valentine’s Day vibe by selecting artists that use the human form as inspiration. Just make sure you pick prints that suit your partner’s interests and style – no creepy clowns, guys.

Image: Instagram / @porteavie