We are absolutely here for the wave of luxe sneakers that have been hitting the market over the last couple of years. Not designer sneaks – although we’d die for some Gucci Ace‘s, that $600-plus price tag isn’t making our bank account v keen – but iconic brands taking their staples and re-working them with luxury finishes.

Converse have done it with their capsule collabs like Converse x Civilist, and now Vans have dropped some seriously lush suede versions of their Authentic Platform 2.0 and Classic Slip-On Platform.

The four colourways currently being offered are Evening Sand, somewhere between millennial pink and peach:

Ochre, a mustard yellow that I absolutely need immediately.

Asphalt, a schmick dark grey.

and Blue Flower, a muted grey-blue.

The platform has been elevated slightly, and even the outsole of the sneakers is suede, giving the sneakers their minimalist finish.

Both styles are retailing for $129.95, and you can pick up the Slip-Ons here, or the Authentics here.

Image: Vans