Is there anything more bloody versatile than the shipping container? House. Art gallery. Boutique hotel. And, as of right now, a pool.
Not just any pool, either: the Modpool – made from upcycled containers – comes with a divider that lets you convert it from a regular pool to a hot tub in less time than it takes for you to put on a floatie.
Unlike your traditional swimming hole, this baby can be up and running minutes after installation, making it the ideal choice for people who are shite at planning (guilty). And because the Canadian innovation is so easy to install, it’s also easy to move – that means taking your pool with you whenever you move.
Other cool features: side windows, made possible by the strength of the container. An Ultraviolet system that keeps the water clean, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger. The entire unit, including the lights, jets and heater, can be controlled from your phone. It cuts down your carbon-footprint.
Beats that $10 blow-up you bought at Kmart last summer.

Photo: Modpool.