Whether you’re prepping for it or just planning on watching the live-stream with envy in your heart this year, Coachella is a big deal – not just for punters, but worldwide. It’s also arguably the most celeb-filled festival ever, thanks to it’s proximity to LA and consistently A+ line up of major acts. Pretty much any person who has been to the festival has a story about spotting Kendall Jenner hanging side-stage, or Vanessa Hudgens macking on with her bf in the VIP tent. 

You probably can’t do Coachella the celeb-way and (if you’re lucky enough to be going) have probably sorted your camping situation and accom already. But juuuust in case you’ve got some cash to spare, here’s how the rich and famous do the iconic music festival – and yes, it’s pretty much 24/7 travel porn.


This Is How The Rich & Famous Do Coachella

Photo: Luxury Retreats.

Celebs do not camp. They don’t even do one of those hotel-ticket packages. No, celebs rent their own pads for Coachella, to ensure maximum privacy and a relaxing oasis away from the festival mania. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find the specific past rentals of celebrities (pls, they know how to keep things quiet), you can bet most will be crashing in Palm Springs, approx 45 mins from the festival. 

This Is How The Rich & Famous Do Coachella

Photo: Home Away.

Indio is closer, but Palm Springs has all the best midcentury, Old Hollywood style bungalows that take luxury off the charts. 


This Is How The Rich & Famous Do Coachella

Photo: Instagram / Kendall Jenner.

Whether they’re driving themselves, or using a chauffeur – celebs are all about the sweet rides. Make like Kendall and Hailey Baldwin and rent a convertible – California is practically made for an open top with all that sunshine. Beyonce even chartered a plane to arrive in 2015, and Taylor Swift reportedly flew out to a friends wedding in Texas, then flew back in (private jet, of course) the same day so she didn’t miss anything. 

This Is How The Rich & Famous Do Coachella

Image: Beyonce.com

If you’re going to Coachella in a group, hiring a town car or personal driver could actually work out relatively cost-effective given the crazy waits for transfer buses. The private plane thing might be a bit of a pipe dream, though.


This Is How The Rich & Famous Do Coachella

Photo: Instagram / Revolve.

The second most important thing at Coachella, after the insane line up of acts, are the off-site parties. Whether they’re the impossible-to-get-into private residence ones that are strictly invite only, or the more accessible kind at hotels – these are the places to see and be seen. 

This Is How The Rich & Famous Do Coachella

Photo: Instagram / Alessandra Ambrosio.

Revolve‘s annual event and The Neon Carnival (where Rhianna and Leo Di Caprio were spotted canoodling last year) are the pinnacle of Coachella parties, but enjoy trying to get a pass in. For a more realistic celeb-spotting time, there’s the Bumble party hosted by Kendall and Kylie this year?

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This Is How The Rich & Famous Do Coachella