Sometimes, you buy the cheapest vodka on the bottle-o shelf. And sometimes, you really get in there and invest. There are people who’ll spend the $$ on vodka because they genuinely feel the pricier ones taste better, and then there’s the rest of us – who just love a gimmick.

This $97 Crystal Head Vodka Bottle Is Holographic & Too Pretty To Drink TBHCrystal Head has long been the vodka of choice for when you want to be fancy and also be left with an “art piece”. Just try and find a share-house that doesn’t feature one of the iconic skull bottles in pride of place on a kitchen bench or sideboard. Sure, it’s not for everyone’s aesthetic tastes. But it’s pretty much the only vodka bottle that can legit double as decor.

The brand (owned by Dan Akyroyd of all people) often comes out with extremely extra limited edition bottle designs, and their latest is a doozy. Playing into everyone’s weird internet obsession with holographic shit, they’ve turned the bottle into a rainbow, shimmery beaut of a thing.

The spirit of #spring. ???????? #firstdayofspring #crystalheadaurora #crystalheadvodka Photography by: @cgentilephotography

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Called ‘Aurora‘, it’s meant to be a celebration of the Aurora Borealis (“At this time of year? Located entirely within your kitchen?” Sorry, I digress.) and the light and colour spectrum it creates. While it’s been on shelves for over a year, it seems we’re all only cottoning onto it existing now – people have started taking all these ~art~ pics with theirs which has sent the bottle viral.

Always bold. Always luxurious. #crystalheadaurora Photo from: @franceliqueurs

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Pucker up for #KissingDay! #CrystalHeadAurora #InternationalKissingDay Photo from: @sara_mua_

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In case you weren’t aware, Crystal Head vodka is pretty OTT in and of itself – the liquid is distilled five times over, of which three involve it filtering through layers of semi-precious crystals called Herkimer diamonds. Honestly.

Crystal Head Aurora is going for a cool $96.99, and you can get it in stores right now.

Image: Instagram / @crystalheadvodka