There are fancy hotel pools. And then there are faaaancy hotel pools. A run-of-the-mill nice swimming sitch in a resort is still gonna bring the max relax, but you want more, right? You want breathtaking views, ridiculous levels of lush design, and sheer size when it comes to your holiday swimming location. 

There are some pretty wild pools dotted around the globe, and yep – most of ’em are inside equally wild (and expensive) hotels and resorts. But hey – it’s worth splurging on at least one night to experience some of these babies, coz they’re pretty spesh. Here’s the best of the best.

These out of control cliff-top pools are called the ‘Cascadas Suspendidas‘, and are within the La Posidonia Spa, part of this Ibiza hotel. They’re heated at diff temperatures and are designed to be a spa treatment, with high pressure hydro jet massages in each pool. Take us there immediately.

The Six Senses Yao Noi infinity pool might not be huge, but it sure makes up for it with that killer Phang Nga Bay view. 

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Oia, the part of Santorini where the Perivolas Hotel is based, is in general one of the most stunning places you’ll ever visit. Loads of the hotels are built into the cliff face, overlooking the Caldera (a giant, water-filled volcano crater) so it’s hard to get a crap view. Perivolas used their view op’s to max advantage though and built this hectic infinity pool right on the edge of their land. Easily worth 20 Instagram pics that look pretty much identical. It must be done.
While this Swiss pool looks just as magical in the summertime, with the rolling green alps as the backdrop, it’s obviously at it’s peak in the middle of snowy winter. Obviously, it’s heated – so you can stare at that gorge view for hours if you want.
Look. You’re in the Maldives, there is clear blue, perfect sea everywhere you turn. You don’t reeeeally need to be in a swimming pool – but if you’re gonna be, you’d want it to be this masterpiece, which is basically built into the ocean. 
When it comes to indoor pools, the mirror-balled beauty at Boscolo Milano is pretty hard to beat. Equal parts sci-fi wonderland and underground mermaid grotto or something, it’s a pretty unique swimming experience.

Again – you’re in the Maldives. You don’t really need to be doing the pool thing. But this infinity lap pool is outrageous – look how long it is! It runs along the sand, then into the ocean. There is no fancier way to get fit, let’s be honest.

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This is a pretty Instagrammed pool – influencers and regular folk alike love a good ‘top of the world’ pic at it’s infinity edge. It’s perched high up on level 57 of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, and the views are no joke. Plus, you can float around day or night – so you can get the city skyline all lit up and magical.
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