The hype around the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration was extreme. For months, speculation on what the line would look like, what items were dropping, and just how a high fashion house would manage to merge their signature designs with a streetwear brand was rife ’round the internet. 

Then, the full range was revealed and we all lost our collective shit over items like printed denim overalls and skateboards in LV trunks. 

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In a combination of sheer luck and smart marketing, the first LV x Supreme pop-up store ended up in Bondi of all places – yep, Oz got the line first. 

This was partially because of some major drama around the location and legalities of the NYC pop-up. It was slated to open in May on Bond Street, but a Community Board vote unanimously shut it down on the grounds of the sheer chaos the queuing fans would create. People who had queued for days simply refused to believe it, until the NYPD intervened at the behest of store owners on the street.

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Since Sydney, the only other pop-ups that’ve gone ahead have been London, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Paris

Since the NYC debacle, three US pop-ups were slated to go ahead in SoHo, Miami and LA, but news has come through via a press release from Louis Vuitton that the entire collection is now off the market – yup, both in store and online. Hypebeast received the official email from Louis Vuitton directly regarding the cancellation of the collab, and posted a screenshot on their site.

The Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collab Has Officially Been Cancelled

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Even though the two US pop-ups have been cancelled, that isn’t stopping punters from continuing to queue up in (probably) vain hopes that the whole thing is a big marketing ploy to generate hype. 

Basically – if you hit up the Bondi pop-up and got your hands on some of the wares, congratulations. You’re one of very few fans worldwide who actually got to own a piece of the famed collection. There are thousands of Americans probably hexing you right now out of jealousy. 

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Source: Hypebeast.

The Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collab Has Officially Been Cancelled