If you’re into home reno and a lil’ DIY, Pinterest is absolutely your favourite website on the planet (Etsy, a close contender). It’s full of other fellow crafty humans absolutely nailing their own interiors, then sharing the pics for everyone else to froth over/be jealous of. 

Every year, the site rounds up the trends they’re predicting will be the ~next big things~ across all interests, from cooking to fashion – and, of course, home. That’s what we’re here for today, folks. Some good old fashioned interior porn. Slash, great ideas for our own humble abodes.
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Try grabbing some reclaimed wood and hammering together a cool bedhead – because reclaimed wood’s entire ~thing~ is looking a bit worn in, tiny errors are okay (provided you at least secure everything so it doesn’t fall on your head mid-sleep).

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Softer than pure black, navy blue is a great choice if you’re considering repainting anything – from creating a feature wall to snazzing up your kitchen. It also goes brilliantly with copper and bronze, two homewares trends that absolutely refuse to die off. 

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Quelle surprise – with so many of us living in apartments, or having lil’ terrace balconies but no actual yard, it makes sense that adorable mini gardens are taking off in 2017. Think succulents, small palms and cacti – things that can handle a bunch of sun, but don’t need too much TLC. 

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People are either getting into pottery classes, or buying from stores. Either way, the trend is earthy, natural-looking pieces for tableware and decor. Stock up on cute pots to plant herbs in, or replace your entire dinner set with a cool, glazed clay one. 

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Look, we’re no strangers to this year’s crystal obsession here at P.TV (see here, and here). And Pinterest knows what’s up – people are getting into crystal healing, but they’re also just generally into the look/feel of these beauties in their home. Even if you don’t buy into their ~special powers~, a large chunk of clear quartz or amethyst can make for a cheap-ish statement on your coffee table.

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Like we mentioned before, copper is going nowhere this year. What started as a trend in little details on lamps and chair legs has blossomed to include copper-dipped earthenware and statement-making vases. 

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Indoor plants are having a major moment, but the new spin is to invest in some hanging vines. These look best on wall pots or hanging planters, allowing them to grow and trail down. Just keep yours out of direct sunlight, and don’t over-water.

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Given they’re usually just a few planks of wood hammered together, it makes sense that people are really getting into DIY bedside tables. The major trend is sort of ‘half-finished’ looking wooden ones, often with no back to them. But recycled items make for cool-looking side tables, too – even milk crates all done up can work well.
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