You know the drill – you buy one rose quartz, and suddenly you’re hooked. You need all the crystals. All of them. Give me all the pyrite and amethyst you have, amirite? You’re this gif, but crystals.

The Best Online Stores To Satisfy Your Crystal-Buying Obsession

Thing is – where does one buy all those gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy ones you see on Instagram-famous peoples feeds? We did the dirty work for you, and found a bunch of beaut sites selling everything from lil’ crystals for your work desk, right up to those magnificent bad boys to feature in your home.


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 Yep, the famed Aussie jewellery brand doesn’t just deal in cuffs and feature earrings. They’ve got a whole section dedicated to straight-up crystals, and ooft do they have some doozys. 


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Stoned’s all about those glossy, shaped bb’s as opposed to the raw, “just been dug out of the Earth” kind. They have everything from spheres to obelisk-style crystals – even trays, which are just screaming for artfully placed necklaces and earrings to be all over them, tbh.


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Mineralism have a huge online store with everything from jewellery to polished stones, but it’s their rough pieces we really want to order ASAP – they stock some really interesting crystals you don’t see every day, like titanium quartz, which has a cool, oil-slick rainbow tone to it.


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Rock + Co just does crystal shopping damn well. The stand outs? Their crystal sets, which cater to crystal newbies, or anyone who wants a specific set of crystals for a specific reason, such as wellness or relaxation. Like Mineralism, these guys have some really rare finds, so they’re perfect for everyone from the crystal rookie right through to the know-it-all.

Wanna fill your entire house/existence with giant crystal clusters? Why not try winning the cash for that in our lil’ comp right here – you could be pocketing $20k:


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The Best Online Stores To Satisfy Your Crystal-Buying Obsession