Whether you’re looking for your first major bit of ink, or a tattoo aficionado with a deep love of actual body art, you already know just rocking up to your local joint isn’t gonna cut it when it comes to a tatt that’s more than a small infinity symbol. The general rule for getting inked is to do your research and go to someone who knows their shit.

There’s an insane amount of talented tatt artists in the world now. And inking a celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean you’re playing with in the big leagues when it comes to tattoo artistry. But it is kinda a big deal to permanently draw on, say, Kendall Jenner. After all, celebs can literally go to anyone they want. If you’ve ever dreamed of being tatted by the same guy who did Rihanna‘s iconic tattoos, you’re in luck. He’s in here, along with a gang of other famous artists. Just expect to be waiting a looong while to get under their pen, k?


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NYC artist Jon Boy is behind a lot of famous celeb tattoos – it’s arguable that he started the mini-tatt trend via regular visitors Hailey Baldwin, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Sofia Richie – and their collection of teeny shapes and words.


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This guy’s inked everyone from Cara Delevingne to Bieber, to Rihanna. He’s also the guy behind Kylie Jenner’s cute little hip tatt. But don’t think that makes him a tiny-tatts-only guy – Keith’s got an amazing hand for detailed artistry, and actually specialises in larger works predominantly. Bonus – his wait list is only a few months long, surprisingly.


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She’s made art on Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry‘s bods, so it’s no wonder you’ll be waiting a while for Aussie Lauren Winzer to do the same for you. Her specialty is in cute designs – she’s particularly talented at perfect recreations of Disney princesses, for example.


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Brit-born Cally Jo has also had a hand in Rihanna’s signature ink – as well as Sienna Miller‘s and the Slipknot gang. She’s mainly known for her amazing black and grey designs that are heavily pigmented and incredibly detailed.


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LA native Nikko creates some of the most life-like portraits we’ve ever seen on people’s bods. He’s done artwork on Drake, Fred Durst, and even fellow tattoo artist Kat von D. When a world-renowned tattooist let’s you permanently ink them, it’s safe to say you’ve made the big time.



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Scott’s had a hand in Marc Jacobs tattoos, as well as Orlando Bloom and Courtney Love. His phenomenal body art creations led to him becoming a bonafide fine artist, and he now exhibits work regularly in galleries.



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Zoe Kravitz, Emilia Clarke and Drake have all been under the pen of Dr. Woo, who started professionally tattooing on himself at age 14. His fine line style results in beautifully detailed works.