It’s easy to do – forget (or refuse) to spend money on a new suitcase because you only use it a couple of times a year max. But when you DO go to use it, you realise it a) smells weird c/o all that time in musty storage and b) really is worse-for-wear.

Guys, it’s time. Buy yourself a new suitcase so your gear is protected, and while you’re at it – buy something decent. None of this spending $2 on something from the dollar shop because “it’s the same thing”. It’s not – investing in a good suitcase means you’ll have it for years (good for sustainability!) and you’re less likely to wind up with it splitting apart while you cram your stuff into it.

I made the mistake 2 years back of buying a crappy suitcase and guess what, it broke 3 trips in. So now I’m doing my research (and yours too) to get something dece. You’re welcome.


July Checked Suitcase, $345

These Aussie-designed suitcases feature all the good stuff – a polycarbonate “unbreakable” shell, integrated TSA lock, and quiet wheels that move everywhere. If you’re someone who throws your stuff around, this is the kind of suitcase you need.


Cosmolite 3 81cm Spinner, $965

Samsonite is PRICEY, but if you’ve got the $$ they’re a good investment – you’ll have your suitcase forever, practically, as long as you look after it (i.e. don’t throw wet swimmers in there and leave them for a week). The Cosmolite is one of their current best sellers.


Bobby Universe Signature Overnight Bag, $799

It might be a BIG investment, but this bag isn’t just any tote for your carry-on. Bobby Universe are a sustainable Australian brand who put a shitload of care into all their pieces. The results are chic and minimalist, well-made bags that’ll stay with you for years thanks to their timeless style and durability.


Base Camp Duffel XL, $280

More of an adventure traveller? A durable duffel like this North Face one is key to keeping your stuff safe and secure. Things like weather-resistant flaps and a water-resistant material mean you can basically sit on this and wait in torrential rain for your ride to the hostel without your stuff getting soaked.


Zeolite Softcase Large, $299

Soft case luggage can run a bit cheaper, but it’s still worth spending a bit more for something durable. This Antler suitcase has a 10 year warranty, so it’s pretty likely it’ll go the distance.


19 Degree Aluminium International Carry On, $1,390

Tumi are wayyy up there price-wise but their product is known to last a lifetime and be expertly made. If you travel heaps for work and want a stylist carry-on that’ll go the distance, this is their best-seller.


Personalised Black Suitcase, $299.95

Always getting your luggage confused? This suitcase comes personalised – pop your full name or surname (or whatever you like) on it, and never lose your luggage again.

Image: Instagram / @july