Do you hate winter? The stupid, cold set of months where nothing makes you warm and everything sucks? Well, stop that shitty thinking immediately or I’ll come over there and dack you, because winter is actually awesome – especially if you’re making a trip to Sydney in the next few weeks, ‘cos hoooo boy, there’s a pop-up bar that’ll convince you winter rules.

The bar in question is courtesy of Pier One, who have done the lord’s work and created a bunch of fucking igloos along their spectacular waterfront. The igloos are a team-up with fancy pants champers brand G.H. Mumm and wine brand St. Hugo, and feature twinkling fairy lights, cozy chairs and private fireplaces. You can also order a bunch of delish winter warmer foods, like pies, toasties, and soup – so why not make a full night of it?
You absolutely have to book, and we reckon availability’ll fly out the door considering the igloo pop-up is only running ’til mid-August. So hit up the Pier One site immediately or I’ll dack you (again). 

Images: Pier One.