There’s nothing quite like an insanely long waitlist to make a seemingly innocuous item suddenly become your next must-have purchase. It’s not a phenomenon restricted to fashion, but it definitely happens the most in this arena. This is most likely because if thousands of people want a particular tee or pair of jeans, surely they have some Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants level of universal flattery going on.

Today, the internet is losing it over this cardigan, from French brand Sézane. It has 30,000 people waiting for it to re-stock. THIRTY. THOUSAND.

It’s not super different to other cardigans on the market. In fact, cardigans in general aren’t exactly worn by everyone, everywhere… but there’s something about this one that’s got people in a right tizzy.

The information comes via Refinery29, who are hosting a weekly shopping guide called The Sellout, which asks big labels what their most wanted stock is. Sézane was this week, and it’s the Barry jumper, priced at $158AUD.

It comes in black, ecru (cream), nude and grey – and they’ve all sold out more than once. That’s since launch at the end of September this year. So yeah, it’s a big deal.

Why does everyone love it? It’s probably down a few factors. It can be worn backwards, for one – that means versatility which means more bang for your buck.

It’s also got that sexy, off-the-shoulder thing going on. It’s also the materials – it’s mainly made up of mohair and alpaca, so it’s super soft and super warm.

But let’s be honest – like we said before, the hype around this cardi is a huge part of why it’s so sought after.

The ecru and nude are restocking on November 29, and the black and grey versions on December 13, so if you’re keen on it now it’s worth signing up to the waitlist and joining those 30,000 other folk. Goooood luck.

Image: Sezane