The Stockholm Furniture Fair is an annual celebration of Scandinavia‘s most delicious design.
From angular lighting fixtures to occasional pieces, bespoke sofas to swanky sheep-skinned recliners, the innovative products that feature at the prestigious are, sorry for saying this but i’m doing it, hygge goals.
One designer, Tingest, took a slightly different tact this year and showcased a range of home gym equipment. 
The result? Totally practical objects that double as art:
Tyngdlyftaren – marble dumb bells

Kroppsbyggaren – a cast iron kettle bell

Massören – cork trigger ball rollers and yoga blocks

Atleten – a soft leather gym, a lá james bond

Gymansten – bamboo hula hoop

Plinten – an upholstered leather bench taking inspiration from your classic vault horse
Most regular gym equipment is fugly, so the beauty of these objects is that they’re designed to be on display in your house. (Here’s hoping having them right in front of you at all times encourages you to use ’em.)

“This is why we have focused on developing stylish equipment that is both functional and pleasing to the eye, and can be placed prominently in any room,” says Tingest founder Alexander Lervik.
Pleasing indeed. 
Source: Dezeen.
Photo: Tingest.