Gucci‘s brand shake-up this past year has been major – where once you wouldn’t dream of investing in their extremely fancy threads because, well, they were a bit “rich old lady”, these days they’re producing painfully stylish, luxe-bohemian styles that suddenly seem worth splurging your entire 3 months rent on. Oh, and they do memes now? So very ~down with the youths~.

Their latest venture is a line of home décor, and it’s very much keeping with their recent runway collections. Think velvet, bold jewel tones, and amazing embroidery. Sorry, can’t type any more – I’ve ruined my keyboard with fashion drool over this cushion.
And this cushion.
How’s this silk screen divider. Do I need a silk screen divider? No. Will I find some reason to buy one? Look for $39,000, probably not – but it will haunt my dreams for weeks.
They’ve also got a collection of incense trays (told you it was peak luxe-bohemian) and candles. These are on the cheaper end of the scale… at $250.
According to their Instagram account, which features beautiful paintings of some of the pieces, the craftwork is pretty intense.


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“The intricate motifs are embroidered and then hand-applied, a process that takes approximately 10 hours to complete,” one Instagram post states.
The range drops in September in selected Gucci stores, Gucci online and selected specialty stores. Does someone want to give me a $100k before then? Anyone?

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Images: Gucci.