Rain Room, the buzz-worthy art installation from London-based contemporary art collective Random International, will tour to Melbourne in August if you fancy being rained on inside.

Inside rain! What kind of fantabulous world is this? INSIDE. RAIN. It’s already raining outside, because it’s Melbourne, amirite?

For 20-minute increments, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a 100-square-metre field of rain – without actually get wet. Oh yes, that’s the trick – the water stops falling in spots where the environment senses movement, which translates to, inside rain that does not fall on you.

The work, which has so far reached half a million people across the world, premiered in 2012 at the Barbican in London, before travelling to MOMA in New York and onto Shanghai, LA and Sharjah, UAE, but has never before made it to the Southern Hemisphere.

Random International founders Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass described Rain Room as adapting to different gallery spaces.

Rain Room can be seen as an amplified representation of self-created environments. It’s an artwork that you inhabit, and as such, it can elicit any number of different socio-behavioural dynamics.

Each iteration of the work has been altered in some intangible way by the space and context in which it has been shown, whether through the scent of the water, the fabric of the architecture, or the behaviour of the public. From rainy London to drought-ridden LA, to the heat of Sharjah, the surrounding climate opens up different perceptions of Rain Room and room for discourse.

We’re excited to see how the work resonates on the other side of the world, in the Southern Hemisphere, and in the city of Melbourne.

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Discover Random International’s first permanent installation, Rain Room Sharjah. Located at Al Majarrah Park, Rain Room Sharjah invites visitors to walk through a downpour of rain without getting wet. Book your tickets online or at the venue. Parking available. To learn more, call 06 5610095 or visit sharjahart.org. اكتشفوا الغرفة الماطرة في منطقة المجرة وهو أول عمل تركيبي دائم لـ "راندوم انترناشونال". تتيح الغرفة الماطرة لزوارها تجربة المشي تحت أمطار منهمرة من دون التعرض للبلل. احجزوا تذكرتكم عبر موقعنا الالكتروني أو في مبنى الغرفة الماطرة. للمزيد من المعلومات، يرجى الاتصال على 5610095 06 أو تفضلوا بزيارة sharjahart.org

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The installation – presented by Jackalope in conjunction with ACMI – will live in St Kilda in the purpose-built Jackalope Pavilion created by March Studio, and featuring environmental graphics from Studio Ongarato.

Tickets go on sale on July 4 HERE.

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