There are few feelings better than treating yourself to a brand spankin’ new game console. As soon as you leave the shop holding your bundle of techy joy, you’re overcome with the endless possibilities ahead of you.

But have you ever got home and found you’ve got this feeling that you just can’t shake? Like, you’re excited and all, but feel like you just haven’t spent enough money yet? Ever felt that?


Well it turns out there some people out there who actually have experienced that because there’s now a PlayStation DualShock 4 controller which retails for over a quarter of a million bucks.

I shit you not.

Feast your eyes on this bad boy:

The Lux DualShock 4 Omni controller is made by luxe brand Brikk, who also sell next-level Airpods:

Along with solid gold Apple Watches – ‘cos why not?

But back to the controller.

This PS4 piece, made from 24k gold, is encrusted with 16.60 carats worth of diamonds – wowzers.

The left and right stick both feature whopping 3 carat diamonds, while the triangle, circle, cross and square buttons are replaced with single carat stones (amateurs needn’t apply).

Credit: Brikk

So how much does it cost exactly? Asking for a friend.

Well the exxiest option, with the highest grade diamonds, will set you back a cool $327,300 (approx).

Now, if you’re gagging for one of these babies, but don’t have a quarter mill to just casually drop, there’s also a sliiiightly more budget-friendly option available.

If you’re chill with compromising on the stone quality, you can nab yourself a gold and diamond controller for a humble $91,700 (approx). Bargain.

The new controller is set to launch next week, just in time for your Christmas shopping with the ridic fortune you definitely don’t have. In the meantime, you can suss out everything we know about the PlayStation 5.

Image: Brikk