If you’re a graphic tee kinda person, focus. This article is very important for you and you specifically. See, Mr Porter – the painfully cool high-end menswear site – has dropped a 17-designer strong capsule collection of tees, and you’re bound to find your 2019 MVP in the mix.

Big names like Billionaire Boys Club, Aries, KAPITAL and NEEDLES are all present, and the designs range from the wild to the minimalist.

Mr Porter
Reese Cooper Tee, $259.04
Mr Porter
KAPITAL Tee, $250.46

While Mr Porter gears its threads towards dudes, that doesn’t mean any ladies with a penchant for graphic tees have to miss out – I’ll be picking up some of these tie-dye beauties, for example, since tie-dye is well and truly back in fashion and not going anywhere fast.

Mr Porter
Auralee Tee, $191.69

Worried about dropping big cash on tees when temps are basically sub-zero? There’s also long-sleeved threads in the mix, like this one from COME. 

Mr Porter
COME Tee, $258.39

Obviously, the price point is high. But hey – if you’re into designer gear, you’re used to that, right?

The whole collection from Mr Porter is live on site now. Happy shopping.