You’d have to have been having a snooze under a rock to have missed the big news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement overnight. Yep – we have another royal wedding on the way, in Spring 2018 to be exact.

After Prince William‘s heart-wrenching and romantic decision to give Kate Middleton his mum’s engagement ring in 2010 (still emotionally crying, to be honest), the entire world’s been waiting to see exactly what Harry would do for his own engagement.

Well, we have answers now friends.

Meghan’s ring is yellow gold, and has three diamonds – the main one is from Botswana, which is where Meghan and Harry travelled to on their first trip together. Too bloody cute.

Harry designed the ring himself, the talented boy. It was made by the official jewellers to Queen Elizabeth, Cleave and Company.

The other two that flank the big stone are from Princess Diana‘s personal collection, so like William, Harry chose to honour his late mum for his engagement to Meghan (more emotional crying).

“Not being able to meet his mum, it’s so important to me to know that she’s a part of this with us,” Meghan said of the ring during their BBC interview. Oh, god. It’s too much.

Harry did a pretty low key proposal – he got down on one knee while the couple were cooking roast chicken in his cottage.

“She didn’t even let me finish. She said ‘can I say yes, can I say yes?’ And then were was hugs and I had the ring in my finger, and I [asked] can I give you the ring?” he said of Meghan.

Good lord, it’s all too adorable. We need to go lie down for a bit.

Image: AAP / Doug Peters