I’m currently driving around Australia, and because I’m nothing if not a generous (over)sharer, I discovered a spot that I absolutely must tell you about.

See, in the middle of the Queensland outback – and I mean the middle, like there is really nothing else around for kilometres and kilometres – there are THESE. These spectacular open-air bathtubs that you can relax in, while watching the sun go down over the most picturesque outback views, ever.

The baths are part of the Julia Creek Caravan Park, a totally affordable and delightful place to stay if you’re, say, driving from Townsville toward Mount Isa, like I was doing last week.

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Huge mood.

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You can use the baths free of charge, and there’s four sets of two – each completely private because they’re inside repurposed silos.

The privacy doesn’t impede on the beautiful view and experience, however – as you can see the roof is open and the expansive cut-out toward the base of the baths allows you to take in the wide open space of outback Australia.

It’s BYO drinks and cheese plates, which you absolutely should do. I took a beer along but as you can see, people go in there with giant platters of snacks. Huge mood, if I may say so.

Given the relentless heat I went for a cold bath, but the facilities are super clean and offer hot and cold temps. If you’re travelling through outback QLD, you should basically divert your trip to this spot.

You can find out more at Julia Creek Caravan Park‘s site here.

Image: Instagram / @theblondenomads