Being a vegan is HARD. There’s a lot to avoid if you’re passionate about abstaining from animal by-products, and makeup is one of the hardest areas to navigate. So what are you to do if you’re vegan but you love to doll yourself up from time to time? While there are plenty of brands getting on (or firmly on) the vegan train, it’s shitty when there’s a cult brand that don’t have the vegan stamp of approval.

Hourglass Cosmetics has been gunning hard to be animal friendly for a while now – they’ve always been firmly cruelty-free, and dedicated to protecting animal rights. But now they’ve gone hard – they’ve just announced they’re aiming to be 100% vegan by 2020.

That means all their products will be free of animal by-products, which is excellent news for vegan fans of the brand. In case you didn’t know, many of their must-have items are actually already 100% vegan – the Veil Mineral Primer, Vanish Foundation Stick, (bloody amazing) Ambient Lighting Powder and Arch Brow-Sculpting Pencil are all free of animal by-products already.

“At Hourglass, we believe that luxury is a combination of innovation and integrity,” CEO and founder Carisa Janes said in a statement. “This begins with our commitment to creating cruelty-free products and ultimately being the first completely vegan luxury cosmetics brand in the world. It is not a simple solution, but we are dedicated to putting in the time and effort it will take to find vegan alternatives for our product formulas.”

How good.

Image: Instagram / @hourglasscosmetics